In 2016, St. Francis Children’s Center officially opened our Family Activity Center (FAC) for young children with special needs and their family members. The goal of the FAC is to serve as a community resource for families raising a child with special needs. By creating a network of support and encouragement, St. Francis Children’s Center intends to help families reduce the feelings of stress and isolation.

With this goal in mind, we created a new Family Activity Center closed group on Facebook. This group will serve as an extension of the FAC. Now we can reach people not only through our physical location, but also through a welcoming space online. You can join the group to connect with other parents, caregivers and family members, ask questions and share your thoughts. All you need is a Facebook account to join!

Visit the page and request to join today to join our conversation. (Please note that this link will prompt you to log in to Facebook if you’re not already logged it. After requesting to join, approval by a page admin will be required.)

By Kara Petersen, Development & Volunteer Coordinator

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