30th Annual Wine, Beer & Chocolate Tasting


Save the date! Join us for our 30th annual Wine, Beer, & Chocolate fundraiser on Saturday, May 13, 2023.

Leading Lights Awards Banquet


Thank you to everyone who joined us on Thurday, October 27, 2022 for our 39th Annual Leading Lights Awards Banquet. Thanks to your support we were able to raise over $135,00 towards our programs for children with special needs.

St. Francis Children's Center

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St. Francis Children’s Center

Our mission is to serve and educate children with special needs in inclusive environments, enabling them to reach their greatest potential.

About St. Francis Children's Center

About Us

For over 50 years, our caring team has helped children achieve success in their homes, in their schools and in their communities.

Our Programs

Our Programs

We serve children with autism, special needs and developmental delays, along with typically developing kids, from four weeks until age 22.

Wine, Beer Chocolate

Awards Banquet

Thank you to everone who joined us our Leading Lights Awards Banquet. With your support we were able to raise over $135,00 for our programs, special education services, and therapies for children with special need and thier families. 

I’m a St. Francis Children’s Star!

Every child is special and unique, and so are their stories.

Catching up with Charlie!

Catching up with Charlie!

In 2019, St. Francis Children’s Center shared the story of two year-old Charlie who had been diagnosed with Spina Bifida - a condition that affects the spine and can result in damage to the spinal cord and nerves. After learning his diagnosis, his parents, Jim and...

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Noah’s Story

Noah’s Story

Noah’s family was introduced to Milwaukee County’s Birth to Three (B-3) Program at St. Francis Children’s Center when his doctors and parents noticed that his speech was delayed and Noah was not verbally communicating. Soon after, Noah’s mom, Rachel, also began...

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Trevell’s Story

Trevell’s Story

To the surprise of his parents, Trevell was diagnosed with autism when he was almost two years old. However, Tanisha and John took the news in stride as they quickly began searching for the resources they needed to help their child. They viewed his diagnosis as yet...

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Bryan’s Story

Bryan’s Story

Like other kids his age, Bryan is cheerful and happy and loves to be around family and friends. Even though he is not mobile and relies on his wheelchair throughout the day to move around, this energetic 11-year-old has been overcoming obstacles since the day he was...

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in 2021

86 percent of children served had a developmental delay or special need


of children served had developmental delays or special needs

797 children and families were served


children and families were served

47 percent of families served were living at or below the poverty level


of families served were living at or below the poverty level

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