St. Francis Children’s Center offers programs specifically for kids with special needs, such as Birth to Three and Children’s Long-Term Supports, along with inclusive programs, where typically developing children and kids with developmental delays, learning disabilities, cognitive impairment, behavior issues and special needs can learn, play and grow together.

We specialize in helping children enhance their development, overcome their challenges and maximize their early education experiences so that ALL children, regardless of their backgrounds and abilities, can achieve success within their homes, their schools and in our community.


Happy families.

“St. Francis Children’s Center has such a nice model of inclusion. The team approach made a big difference because they were able to work with [my son] in a group setting alongside typically-developing children.”

Nancy G.

“We are so very appreciative of the foundation [our children] received at St. Francis Children’s Center and for all of the friendships they made. Their future is bright thanks to SFCC!”

Brian S.

“To see the staff work with both [of my] kids, helping them develop fine motor skills and mobility while being sensitive and knowledgeable of their individual health problems, is simply amazing. Thank you St. Francis Children’s Center for being such a wonderful organization. It’s like a baby heaven for miracle babies!”

Ora C.

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