Garden of Daisies Fundraiser

Thank you to our Daisy Donors for helping us fill our lawn with daisies for our children with special needs!

Thanks to our donors and their support we were able to raise over $35,000 towards our programs for children with special needs. For every $50 in donations that we received between Tuesday, September 1, and Thursday, December 31, SFCC planted a daisy spinner in our lawn. By the end of our campaign our lawn was filled with bright, colorful daisy spinners – equaling one spinner for each of the 844 kids with special needs we served in 2019.

All of the funds raised will help sustain SFCC’s special education, therapy and support services for children with special needs and their families in our community.

A Special Thank You to all of our Garden of Daisy Donors

Alan & Rita Marcuvitz

Ann Deuser

Beth R. Witte-Cleary

Bob & Linda Frisch

Brett Justman

Brian & Sue Lanser


Bryan & Sarah Rolfs

Carlyle H. Chan

Charlene Breeden

Charles & Donna Kison

Charles & Marie Poehlmann

Charlotte L. Reed

Christopher & Anne Noyes

Craig & Celeste Zaffrann

Dana Weber

Daniel Weber

David & Stefanie Dugan

David, Andrea and Kalina Dorgan


Diane Davis

Dori Buschke

Doug Dunham

Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence Frazin

Dr. Richard Clark

Earnell & Linda Lucas


Edward & Carol Sullivan

Ernest and Sally Micek Family Foundation

Frank & Cathy Lubinski

George & Joy Svoboda

Holly Haskin

Hon. Bonnie Gordon & Paul Gordon


In Honor of Dr. Michael Sergi

In Memory of Ben Schoenborn

Jeannie Fenceroy

Jenna Kastner

Jennifer Marshall

Jessica Kopel


Jim and Kay Fleming

John & Casey Kulka

John L Roberts

Jonathan & Debbie Eder

Julie Wuest

Kapco Metal Stamping



Kathleen & Randy Dean

Kathleen Griffin

Kay A. Fine

Kellie Colson

Knights of Columbus Council #6646

Kristen Fogtman-Faust

Kristin Stieger & Walter Madsen

Landmark Credit Union

Laura Lynch

Laurna Prantil

Lawlis Family Fund

Maddie Dietz & Family


Marc & Stephanie Ackerman

Marguerite Hammes

Mary Ann Howard

Mary D. Weinlein

Moustapha and Marcia Drame

Nancy and Bob Fetherston




Nancy Dewey

Nancy Laskin

Nannette M. Gardetto

Nita Soref

Patty Roberts

Rene Rodriguez

Richard & Michele Seesel

Robert and Nancy Miller

Ronald and Bernice Anzia

Russ Behler

Russell & Linda Graskamp

Sandy & Alan Murphy


Sarah Kuhn

Sean & Tara Clark

Shorewest Realtors

Thomas & Janet Spero

Thomas Jablonowski

Toby Recht

Tom and Jeanne Palmisano

Tracy Broekman

Walter Schmitt

Wanda Montgomery

William Cannon

William Poznanski




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