Early Childhood Education


St. Francis Children's Center's Early Childhood Education Program serves children from infancy through 5 year old Kindergarten. Our classrooms are fully inclusive, which means typically developing children and children who have special needs grow, learn and play together .We provide individualized care, education and intervention to ensure a nurturing environment for all children, preparing them socially, emotionally and academically for their next school experience.

St. Francis Children’s Center is committed to inclusive programs where typically developing children and children who have special needs learn and play together. Children with disabilities benefit greatly from exposure to typically developing children who act as role models in all areas of development. Because of specially trained teachers and individualized attention, typically developing children also benefit academically and socially from inclusive classrooms. The most wonderful benefit, however, is the understanding and acceptance of differences that grows through inclusion. Our skilled, caring staff are experts in facilitating interactions that lead to this understanding and acceptance.

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