Like other kids his age, Bryan is cheerful and happy and loves to be around family and friends. Even though he is not mobile and relies on his wheelchair throughout the day to move around, this energetic 11-year-old has been overcoming obstacles since the day he was born. At birth, Bryan was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, a digestive disorder, hemophilia, a musculoskeletal disorder and a seizure disorder. When he was first 3 enrolled in Milwaukee County’s Children’s Long-Term Support (CLTS) Waiver Program at St. Francis Children’s Center seven years ago, his family lived in an apartment that his needs. However, Bryan’s parents always dreamed of owning their own home, and that wish finally came true in 2016. Although the family was excited about their new home, they were also concerned about how they would be able to transport Bryan in and out of their home for school, community outings and frequent medical appointments. With multiple sets of stairs and a steep front yard, the home presented them with some challenges. His parents considered building a ramp to help them move Bryan back and forth to their vehicle, but unfortunately, a ramp was not feasible. When the family expressed their concerns to their CLTS service coordinator, Eileen, she began searching for options to assist Bryan and his family. After multiple years, much research and lots of CLTS staff collaborations, Eileen was able to share some good news with the family: the CLTS Waiver would be able to fund a wheelchair lift for Bryan. The contractors are currently gathering equipment and supplies, so they can start the project by the end of summer or early Fall 2019. Bryan’s mom shared, “My family and I are beyond grateful for this wonderful opportunity. Bryan is going to love his wheelchair lift!”

Written by by Eileen Medrano, 2019. 

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