As a parent, one of the most important early decisions you make is where to enroll your child in daycare. Finding an engaging and nurturing childcare setting for your little one is crucial for stimulating early brain development, maximizing learning potential, and preparing for lifelong success.

For 50 years, St. Francis Children’s Center has been a leader in early childhood education. Our highly credentialed teachers are experts in child development, and they are here to help you raise a compassionate, curious and resilient child. Teachers use their knowledge and passion for education to create a positive school setting where every child, birth through kindergarten, feels safe exploring and learning through hands-on play.

One of the things that makes St. Francis Children’s Center so special is our inclusive learning environment, which means that we serve children with special needs and children who are typically developing, side-by-side. This helps all of our students develop empathy, compassion, teamwork and a diverse peer group. Our school celebrates the unique gifts that each child brings to the world, and we will delight in helping your child discover his or her talents and interests!

Our Early Childhood Education Center also offers an idyllic and imaginative setting for your little one, designed to engage the senses and encourage active learning. Kids grow and harvest fruits and vegetables in our garden beds, which teaches them about caring for the Earth. Our building uses solar energy, which reduces our carbon footprint while teaching youngsters about environmental stewardship. Within the walls of our building, we have colorful classrooms and indoor play areas that include a snake slide, ball pits and an aquarium.

Watch your child’s eyes light up as they discover the magic of St. Francis Children’s Center!

Of course, the truest testament of our program quality is that children leave our Center ready for school. From our youngest classrooms through Kindergarten, students at St. Francis Children’s Center are introduced to mathematics, science, language, time management and self-directed learning….all the skills they will need as they transition to private and public elementary schools throughout the Milwaukee area. If you are searching for the best daycare in southeastern Wisconsin, please schedule a tour of our Early Childhood Education Center today!

By Mara Dučkens, Executive Director

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