MILWAUKEE, WI – August 28, 2020 – St. Francis Children’s Center (SFCC) announced the launch of its new fundraising campaign that features “planting” a garden of pinwheels or daisy spinners in front of their building. For every $50 in donations that the nonprofit organization receives between Tuesday, September 1, and Sunday, November 15, SFCC will place a daisy spinner in the center’s front lawn facing Port Washington Road.

The campaign is designed to show children with special needs, and their families members, that they are not alone during Covid-19. The daisies will fill a portion of the green space inside the circle drive at 6700 N. Port Washington Road with the bright, colorful daisy spinners on display for all to see. The goal is to raise $42,200—equaling one spinner for each of the 844 kids with special needs they served in 2019—to fund and sustain SFCC’s special education, therapy and support services for children with special needs and their families in our community.

“As many families remain at home due to the community spread of Covid-19, we know that this can be particularly isolating and stress-inducing for families who have children with special needs. Parents are grappling with decisions such as, do they send a child with medical needs to school for special education, risking exposure to the virus, or do they provide therapy, support and instruction on their own,” explains Executive Director Mara Duckens. “These are difficult times, and we want to build community support for our families, letting them know that we see them, we support them, and we’re here for them. That is what this garden is intended to do. At the same time, the dollars raised support our high-impact programs for children with special needs and their family members.”

To donate and see the progress of our Garden of Daisy Spinners fundraising campaign, please click here.


About St. Francis Children’s Center

St. Francis Children’s Center’s mission is to serve and educate children with special needs in inclusive environments enabling them to reach their greatest potential. Since 1968, SFCC has served as a trusted and respected resource in the field of special education in southeastern Wisconsin, touching the lives of more than 33,000 children and their families throughout the Milwaukee area.

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