Root Beer Olympics

Saturday, August 26, 2017 - 10:00am to 4:30pm

Join us for the Root Beer Olympics, part of Glendale's first annual Root Beer Bash Presented by Sprecher held at Richard E. Maslowski Glendale Community Park on August 26, 2017!

Sign up and compete against other individuals in your age bracket, or gather friends and family to enter the competition as a team. All proceeds from the Olypmics will be donated to St. Francis Children's Center to support the services they provide to children with special needs.

Pre-Registration Prices:
Kids Entry (12 and under) - $5
Teen Entry (13-17) - $10
Adult Entry (18+) - $10
Team Entry (up to 5 members any ages) - $30  (We recommend having 4-5 members on your team)

Sign up by August 25 at 12 pm to take advantage of our pre-registration prices. You can enter the games the day of the Olympics, but prices will increase by $5. 

Registration will open at 10 am. Games will take place in three rounds:
11-12:30 pm   -   Kids under 12
12:30-2 pm   -   Teens (13-17) and Adults (18+)
2-4:30 pm   -   Teams
4:30 pm   -   Presentation of Winners



Root Beer Chug
Fastest to chug 1 liter of root beer (12 oz. for kids & youth) wins. Penalty will be applied if you spill.
For teams, game will be a relay. Team member 1 will start; team member 2 will begin as soon as team member 1's glass is empty, and so on.

Keg Roll 
Contestants must roll a keg around a course without going outside the lines. We will use half barrels for adults and quarter barrels for youth.
Team event is total cumulative time. Next person starts when previous crosses finish line.

Hold the Glass
Contestants must hold a 1 liter stein (1/2 liter for kids/youth) of root beer above their heads as long as they can. Longest time wins.
For teams, each member will go at the same time. The best time of the team will be used in scoring.

Keg Toss
Contestants toss kegs for the farthest distance. ½ barrels for adults, ¼ barrels for kids/youth.
Team scoring is all distances added together.

Root Beer Wagon Pull
Contestants pull a wagon loaded with root beer from the start line to the finish line. The person with the fastest time wins. 
Team event will allow all members to pull at once, but wagon will have more root beer in it. 

Root Beer Obstacle Run
Contestants must carry a glass of root beer through an obstacle. Spilling incurs time penalties! 
Team event is total cumulative time. Next person starts when previous crosses finish line.

Root Beer Relay (team event only)
This is a team event that is scored by time. Lowest time wins. Contestants must run a distance and back while holding a glass of root beer without spilling it. Spilling = time penalty. Next person must hand off the glass without spilling.